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What is is a service initiative to connect Wagyu with the southern commercial beef sector; our goal is to provide synergy at all points of the supply chain and service the increasing demand for high quality Wagyu sired feeder cattle.

Our Services

For the fullblood Wagyu breeder
With over 25 years breeding and marketing registered seedstock, we are well positioned to assist breeders of fullblood Wagyu cattle to streamline your business to comply to the needs of the increasingly savvy commercial cattlemen and women.

For the commercial cattleman
Helping commercial cattlemen and women connect to Wagyu breeders with integrity and the genetics that will make high quality Wagyu Angus X feeder cattle.

For Wagyu breeders from countries other than Australia, who wish to take advantage of Australia’s wealth of Wagyu genetics, we can offer a comprehensive genetic sourcing service, compliance with export protocols and logistics to your home base.

Top Steer Prices (c/kg Live)

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July 2015 thru August 2016 the average profit gain between the top price Angus v top price F1 is 29%

The average profit gain between the average Angus price and the average F1 price is 64%

The difference between the top F1 price and the average Angus price is 103% Supply Chain

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