Our Customer Comments

Mort & Co

Mort & Co is committed to the future and longevity of the Wagyu “brand”.

The integrity of the brand must be upheld with the utilization of superior genetics not only on the sires side (Wagyu) but also the breed it is being crossed with.

Mort & Co fully support and endorse those producers who continually strive to improve genetic gain.


In recent months we have witnessed unprecedented growth in Wagyu and Wagyu infused feeder cattle demand and price received.

This has been driven by the supply chains desire to establish market position to service the growing “premium eating experience” space.

We see this situation continuing to be robust, and support any effort to drive consumer demand and increase farm gate profitability as positive.

John Settre, Regional Livestock Manger Landmark

Rangers Valley

To maintain and enhance the reputation and performance of Wagyu and particularly F1 Wagyu production in Australia the industry must continue to focus on quality genetics.

This includes both the Wagyu genetics and the genetics of the females used in F1 production.

It is vital that we continue to produce a product which has the level and quality of marbling that consumers expect from the Wagyu breed.

Demand in Australia and internationally for high quality Wagyu and F1 Wagyu beef will grow as long as we continue to meet these expectations.

The use of all tools including EBV’s and the constant search for improvement in performance of the cattle and the beef they produce will ensure the breed continues to develop.

JBS Australia

JBS started feeding Wagyu and Wagyu X cross steers and heifers in 2014 at Prime City feedlot, Tabbita NSW.

Our program is based on feeding Wagyu and Wagyu X cattle for approx. 370 days on a specialized Wagyu ration. The cattle are then processed at our Riverina plant at Yanco NSW.

Our Wagyu brands, in conjunction with Andrews Meats, are Tajima (F1 Wagyu x cattle) and Shiro Kin (Full Blood Wagyu). These products are sent to many different parts of the world and also a smaller percentage is sold into the domestic market.

In purchasing Wagyu X cattle, we look for the progeny to be from well-bred Angus Females with good marbling and growth traits, good on farm pasture management, and good animal health procedures.

Also using the right Wagyu Bull pedigrees are very important, especially going forward when there will be a larger population of Wagyu infused cattle. We will be looking for cattle that are above average performers for JBS/Andrews Meats to continue to supply a high quality Wagyu x Product to its customers around the world.


Australia’s Most awarded beef brand is keen to work with Wagyu producers

Stockyard is part of the Kerwee Group of companies, a family business established by Robin Hart A.M. in 1958.  The group owns and operates an 12,200 head registered feedlot, grain and pasture properties that supply the feedlot, and a marketing and distribution company focussed on high value markets throughout the world.  90% of current feedlot occupancy is devoted to the Stockyard brands, of which around 50% is Wagyu and the rest is long fed Angus.

The Hart family were pioneers in the chilled grain fed beef trade to Japan in the early 1970’s. Stockyard established itself as a leading high quality long fed brand in Japan, with long term supply relationships exceeding 40 years.

The demand for high quality beef has now extended well beyond the Japanese market, and today Stockyard includes in its key markets, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and the USA. Demand currently exceeds supply and despite growing the Angus program by 40 percent in the past 12 months, the customer base is demanding a higher quality eating experience and are looking more to a wagyu product.

Kerwee Feedlot is undergoing a considerable expansion program increasing capacity to 20200 head. Based on the back of existing customer demand. Markets are predominantly high end food service, fine dining and specialised retailers. As such the strength and success of our brands are dependent on the consistency of supply and the ability to guarantee a curtain eating experience.

The initial wagyu supply chains in Australia was focused only on supplying the Japanese market with a product they already knew about. Over the last 10 years a broader global market has realised the high quality aspects of wagyu beef. This has meant we are able to market Australian wagyu as the world’s finest beef and move existing customers into that higher price point. I believe that means there is now an extremely stable market for wagyu product for existing customers and more markets which are yet to be fully serviced.

What is important for our business is that we work together with forward thinking suppliers to produce the most consistent product to under pin our brand. With and production cost almost twice that of other beef systems it is important we know and understand the factors which effect quality production. To this end Kerwee are partnering with the wagyu association to generate the most comprehensive sires progeny program see in the Australian beef industry. We hope to established the most accurate breeding values in a commercial production setting in order to ensure the cattle we use will perform as we need. This use of best practice data needs to flows directly into breeding decision. We are looking more to partner with breeders to secure our supply channels but also disseminate this information to facilitate the progression of our genetic base.

Cost of production competition from global competitors means that Australian producers are better off targeting the specific high value markets in order to avoid the inevitable price fluctuations seen in a commodity production system. With the increase of people trying to capture high margins in the wagyu system it is increasingly important for us as a buyer of genetics to partner with those who are investing in the successful progression of the whole supply chain not just a quick dollar. Our 82% expansion in capacity is testament to our belief the wagyu sector has incredible potential and is not just another flash in the pan. We believe we could sell 3 times the product we have without taking on any new customers. The movement of all the large Australian pastoral and meat companies into the wagyu space re-enforces these views.

The Kerwee groups long history in wagyu production places us well, to play a leading role in the coming growth of the sector. I hope to be able to work in partnership with suppliers to facilitate mutual security in the production chain.